10 Things to Make Your Day Better

By Greer Vinall

#JLTraining #Life
Published: April 2016

We’ve all had those days. Your alarm doesn’t go off, the shirt you were going to wear is dirty, traffic is worse than usual and you start dwelling on all the bad things going on. Suddenly a bad morning turns into a bad mood that just won’t go away.

It is important to remember two things: 1. It is only a bad day, not a bad life and 2. When these things happen you need to take a step back and take care of yourself. These 10 things are just a start to the many things you can do to feel better, many of which can be done with a Junior League buddy! Pick 2 or 3 to keep in your back pocket for when you or a friend needs them.

  1. Hug a pet! Their unconditional love and excitement for us are just the thing to make you feel loved and valued. Just make sure you’ve got a lint roller handy if they shed.
  1. Talk to yourself like your best friend. If she were in this position or feeling down would you let her talk trash to herself? Absolutely not so why should you? Think about what advice you would give her and take it and use it for yourself!
  1. Call someone. If talking to yourself like your bestie doesn’t work then call them! Your friends and family want you to be happy, and they want to help you get there! You should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to call somebody when you need to talk. There will be a time when they need to talk to you and will be glad to know you’re open to it.
  1. Listen to music and get moving. Create a playlist specific for when you are feeling overwhelmed or bummed. Fill it with songs you want to get up and dance to! Getting moving will get your endorphins flowing- and endorphins make you happy- and happy people don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t.
  1. YouTube funny videos. If you don’t feel like moving YouTube is full of funny videos just waiting to be watched. Here is a Disney parody from one of my favorite YouTube sensations, Jon Cozart, to get you started! Be careful though! It’s easy to get sucked in a YouTube black hole!
  1. Organize or clean something. Rearranging will not only give you a sense of control but it will set you on the right path to start tomorrow on the right foot!  Remember: every sunrise is a chance to start fresh!
  1. Make a gratitude list. Write down 7-10 things you are grateful for or that are going right in your life. We often focus on the bad in our lives that we forget to remember the good things! Save this list for a ‘rainy day’ or make a new one each time you need one! Are you finding yourself being negative more often than usual? Every time you have a negative thought counter it by saying 3 positive things about your life, out loud (!!), and you’ll find those negative thoughts are fewer and further between.
  1. Read something ON PAPER. We spend so much time in front of screens (phone, computer, TV, etc.) we forget to take breaks! Head to the bookstore and pick up a copy of a quick read like The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho or The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Then take a day or two break from screens and read them in peace and quite. The technology ban and time to yourself will do wonders for you mood.
  1. Plan something with friends. Call a few girlfriends and plan a group happy hour, hike, or shopping trip. Being surrounded by people you are about will fill your heart with happiness- and if not then your friends are right there to talk you through it.
  1. Volunteer with a local organization. Getting out of the house and doing something positive for your community will help you feel better and can often put things into perspective.