DIAD: AVIVA Children Services

On December 8th our League Members selected toys and other gift items that were donated by the 1community to become gifts for children who have experienced abuse, neglect, or poverty and are in the custody of Child Protective Services. Our League members are mothers, aunts, and sisters and working with AVIVA Children’s Services touches a place in all of our hearts. Children who are impacted by negative situations at home can turn to AVIVA for help and when the holidays come around, the least of their worries should be if Santa is going to stop by or not. Our Leaguers helped AVIVA bring the joy of the holidays to little souls who have experienced more heartache than they ever should have.

League President, Melinda McNeilus said of the event, “Volunteering with Aviva is always one of my most favorite Done In A Day opportunities to participate in! Seeing all the generous donations from the Tucson community and being able to put those together to create a much needed care package for children in need makes me feel like I’m helping. Aviva Children’s Services ensures that the basic needs of children in local foster care are being met. It also warmed my heart knowing that the students at Orange Grove Middle, my son Eric’s school, orchestrated a donation drive of items for Aviva that were used for the care packages. We are lucky to live in a community like Tucson where so many of our residents contribute to make our city a better place!”

Aviva 2