From the President – September 2016

“Behind every great woman is another.
And another. And another” – unknown

Well I couldn’t have said it better! We are a few months into the 2016-2017 year and I am truly amazed at the momentum we have made thus far.  I wanted to circle back around to my Annual Dinner speech from May…  We have all made an impact in moving our JLT mission one notch further. This could not have been done without our JLT community working together as a team to accomplish our goals…it really does take a village!

We have come from a rich history of strong, innovative and caring women.  Junior League of Tucson was founded in 1933 and we haven’t looked back!  We have strengthened our community one volunteer at a time over the 83 years.  Some of our past efforts include work with Ronald McDonald House, St. Luke’s Home, Habitat for Humanity, and many many more!  There is a saying that every non-profit board in Tucson has been touched in some way by a JLT member…now that is something to be proud of!

And where we are now is a VERY exciting time!  We as a collective group have the privilege to be part of JLT’s next chapter.  Our new focus area of Childhood Readiness 0-24 years of age…the Community Impact Council has done an amazing job moving our mission forward.  Keep an eye out for more to come on this…they are just getting started!  And we wouldn’t be able to move our mission forward if it wasn’t for the Fund Development Council raising the dollars to keep our doors open to then be able to impact our community.  Our two relatively new fundraisers, JL Tapped and JL Legacy are a huge part of our success…and let’s be honest super FUN!  Our Communications Committee has done a great job this year getting our message out to both our JLT family along with our Tucson community…doing this all with a new and improved website and communication system!  This is very important more now than ever with our growing league!  The New Member committee has done a great job again this year with recruiting 30 amazing women to join our JLT team!  Our momentum is definitely on an up-swing…and we all have the privilege to be part of it!!!

And lastly where we are going…I couldn’t be more excited for our future!  Our membership is in a stable position to move this JLT ball forward!  We are participating in an AJLI Governance and Management Roll Out.  This potential change will allow our Governance Board to truly operate at the 5,000 foot level…looking three to five years out.  And our Management Board to operate in the now…dealing with the day to day tasks at hand.  You will continue to see information on this transformation over the next few weeks and months.  This transformation will help with future road blocks we face like our current building bumps in the road so far this year (i.e. A/C units).  As some of you know our building is our greatest asset and our biggest hindrance financially.  We own two beautiful mid-century buildings that have taken a beating over the last 30 years.  Property Development Ad Hoc committee is currently looking into improvements on our building to make it sustainable for another 30 years!  Please keep an eye out for more information from them over the next few months!

Like I said…it is very exciting times at the Junior League of Tucson…and we all GET to be part of this change!  We have the privilege to be part of shaping the future of our league!  I can’t wait to hit May and look back at what we accomplished together during the 2016-2017 year!


Amy Walker