Welcome to the JL Training Blog

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Published: October 2015

Throughout the year we will be posting a variety of trainings through articles, thought provoking topics, events, webinars, etc. to develop the potential of every Junior League member. Our goal is to be more comprehensive in our training programming, increasing accessibility to all members and meeting the diverse training interests and needs of League membership.

We would love to hear from you if you have any topics you are interested in or have any recommendations for us. Please email Co-Chairs Shauna McGlamery and Kate Worland with your feedback or ideas.

JLT Training Vision:

  • Provide members multiple training opportunities in one or more of the below focus areas to develop their leadership potential, both personally and professionally, and contribute to our community in meaningful ways.
  • JLTU training will be offered in a variety of formats to ensure accessibility to all members.
  • Training outcomes will become increasingly evident in all League activities to achieve a more holistic approach to our training mission.
  • Members will be recognized for reaching JLTU milestones in one or more of the impact areas.