Junior League New Member Reflections

By: JLT 2015-2016 New Member Class

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Published: February 1, 2016

The New Member class would like to thank all of the Active Members and Sustainers of the Junior League of Tucson for welcoming us into this chapter with open arms, for guiding us to strive to be a better version of ourselves, and for providing us a community where we feel at home.  We each have taken a moment to share an event that inspired us, to recognize a member who stood out to us, or to share what JLT has brought into our lives.

“JLT Tapped was amazing!!!”

“I’ve enjoyed getting more involved in this community and meeting so many amazing people!”

“I love JLT because I moved to Tucson not knowing anyone and a year later have so many wonderful, successful, new Tucson friends!”

“I have really appreciated Vanessa’s hard work on the New Member Committee.  She always seems so well prepared and it is evident that she pours a lot of time and energy into her role as chair.”  ~Kate B

“Coming into a room full of positive and supportive women makes my Tuesday nights!” ~Cynthia

“JLT completely changed my mind about who and what the Junior League is all about! <3”

“I have really enjoyed the committee meetings!  Love the small environment!”

“Our ice breaker tonight (restaurant recommendations) was so awesome I wrote them down and I plan on going with all my new member friends!”  ~Kelsey

“I’ve loved learning about and helping charities and non-profits local to Tucson that I never knew existed before joining JLT.”

“The trainings have been great and make me excited for my future in the league!”

“Loved meeting all the lovely ladies and gaining new friends.”

“Loved meeting new friends and learning about the Junior League!”

“The League has allowed me to get to know some really wonderful ladies whom share a similar outlook about our community.  Together we can improve the community and ourselves.  I so love it!”

“The Junior League has given me such a great gift of friendship and community as a new resident to Tucson.” ~Brandie

“At the Fall in-home meetings, Alaina Krone asked me to present part of the training committee report and Monica Pracko really encouraged me to speak up and join the discussion about PED.  As a new member, it really made me feel welcome and that my ideas were valuable to the Junior League.  The active members showed me how much they really want the new members to be involved in JLT.”  ~Hillary

“One of my favorite parts of Junior League has been being a part of the DIAD Committee.  The meetings are always a highlight and all of the active members are so welcoming.  The energy, excitement, and dedication of the committee makes me so excited to be a part of JLT.” ~Jenny

“I feel so incredibly fortunate to have met the most incredible friends I could not have imagined.  I moved here a short 7 months ago and I knew none of them.  It is like we’ve known each other forever.  I am so thankful to the JLT.”  ~Whitney

“Shaunna Buteyn, Member Events Chair, has gone out of her way to make myself and the other new members on her committee feel welcome both at committee meetings and in the League in general.”

“The thing I have most enjoyed is meeting other smart, motivated, and engaging women.  I also love the purpose of the organization and am excited to contribute more.”

“I love being a part of a committee and learning how to organize events.”  ~Kate

Next year, we hope to welcome the new member class with the same enthusiasm the active members have demonstrated to us.  From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!