Member Spotlight

Diana Miner, Past President- 1998-1999

How long have you been a member of the Junior League?

I joined the Junior League of Tucson in 1988, so it has been 30 years! I was an active member for 13 years.

What was your favorite placement within the League and why?

My favorite placement was Nominating Committee Chair because I got to know the members of the League and the leaders within the league. The position provided me with an immense amount of knowledge and communication skills so that I could place the leaders into their roles.

What JLT project are you the most proud of?

I really enjoyed volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house. We started going there when I was a provisional member. As a new member, we had to tour all of the JLT projects. I became very fond of the Ronald McDonald House at that time. I used to take my three children there, and it was fun for them to take action and volunteer within their community. We frequently baked cookies to bring to the residents. To this day, it still provides a great value to the Tucson community.

What advice do you would give to the current members of the league?

The best advice that I can give is get involved!! The more you get involved, the more that you will get out of the League. Do not stay on one committee, we try to gain experience on different committees and make it different than what you do for a career. Branch out, step out of your comfort zone, and let the Junior League help you learn and gain new skills in life and as a volunteer.

What are some things that truly make you smile?

I’m so excited to be a Grandma!! I love spending time with my three beautiful Grandchildren at our cabin in Flagstaff! I also enjoy cycling. Now that my kids have grown, I spend my free time training. In November, I will be finishing the El Tour de Tucson for the fourth time!