The Balance Beam

The Balance Beam

October 2016 – Anjelica Robison, Active M.E.L.T. Committee Member

So there I was facing a balance beam and challenged to walk by my four-year-old. She had just run across in perfect balance so proud of herself. I thought: “okay I got this, no big deal, I’m a grown woman, I’ve done this a thousand times as a kid & I mastered it.” I took a step without really looking and slipped – my daughter laughed and said “be careful mom, I’ll hold your book, and put your purse down”. I smiled at her teaching me to step away and focus on what I was doing without rushing, and to let go of everything I was carrying so I could balance on the beam to at least walk gracefully across.

Life is like a balance beam. Sometimes we try to carry too much over confident that “we’ve got this.” Other people can see all we carry and wonder why we don’t release the load to find balance. Balance requires a step back to evaluate, look ahead, look behind, and be grateful for where we stand and where we are going. It is allowing fault to happen and provide for an opportunity of grace. In fault we recognize failures and a need for balance. In order to find our peace with the world we have embraced we must learn to walk with grace and love on our own beam.

The question: How do you walk with grace and love to find the peace and achieve balance?

You have to let go of what you are carrying reflect and take some quiet time to allow yourself to develop and grow. Recognize sometimes you need to allow others to help you with their time or words. It is an ongoing journey and a process. We need to learn to balance our lives in order to be a person of integrity and lead others with grace. We will at times be a well-balanced individual and other times struggling. If our focus remains strong in achieving balance, we can never be lost for long continuing to fall off the beam onto our face.

I find balance in nature. You don’t have to tell nature to balance it just does. It works together in perfect harmony. We are more complex we find peace and balance in:

Talking a quiet walk in nature;
Sitting in stillness in front of a window or fire, on a yoga mat, or at church;
At brunch with a friend or two;
Organizing our lives with checklist;
Cleaning our space;
… and the list goes on. Mainly though, for me at least, it is in being still that I can recognize what matters most to me and find what has seduced me with its beauty and managed to survive in my world protecting it with all my love.

This video introduces the thought of nature and balance in our lives.

Cheers to all of you and your walk on the beam of life! Be still and walk in love toward grace and balance.