Organizing Your Office

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Published: August 2016

As summer comes to a close, it’s time to get back to reality! For some of us that means getting ourselves and our kids back to school, and for others it means wrapping our heads around fall approaching and work taking off. This got me thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to get organized before I run out of time to do so?

I came across this blog A Bowl Full of Lemons, and have fallen in love with the tips they provide for organizing your office.

The reason I’m starting with organizing your office is because for all of us, at one point or another in our day, the office is grand central station for all kinds of things. Paperwork, mail, work papers, art materials, schoolbooks, account information, etc. It’s the hub of all things business.

Whether your office is at home or at work, or both, these tips can help us all de-clutter our office spaces and get us going for the rest of the year. Don’t wait for the New Year to make your life easier! Let’s start now.

10 Ways To A Perfectly Organized Office
From A Bowl Full of Lemons

  1. De-clutter Your Desktop: A clear desk = a clear mind.  When your desk is free of clutter, you are more likely to concentrate and focus on the task at hand.  Take a couple of minutes each day to tidy your desk and put things away.
  1. Organize Vertically: Many home offices are small so space to organize is limited. If you have an open wall, hang some shelves. I store my favorite magazines in the top organizers. The bottom two baskets house my planner inserts & supplies as well as my printer paper.
  1. Create a Desktop Filing System: Paper piles accumulate because we don’t always have the time to file away. By creating a desktop filing system for your ten to fifteen most used files, you can eliminate paper clutter from the desk immediately.
  1. Separate Into Categories: Designate a drawer for each office supply category. Pens, pencils, and markers can go into one drawer. Store cutting and punching supplies into another drawer and so forth.
  1. Store Away: Not everything has to be on display. The more you see, the more cluttered the space looks. Store some items out of sight for a more streamlined and tidy space.  For instance, I keep my planner collection behind closed doors on my shelf.
  1. Label: My favorite way to organize is by labeling. It’s simple and to the point. No need to look through every binder to find out what I’m looking for.
  1. Display: If you have any cherished collections, proudly display them! It’s a great way to personalize your office and make it comfortable for you. There is a fine line between tidy and cluttered collections though, so don’t go overboard.
  1. Containerize: When organizing your office, it’s a good idea to containerize items that you have a lot of. I keep packing supplies, planner supplies, and essential oil supplies in these large bins.
  1. Color Code: A simple way to organize your filing system is by color-coding.
  2. Personalize: Last but not least – put a stamp on your office space. Decorate and make it your own. Hang artwork, add a splash of color, or purchase a comfy chair. Whatever you do, make it an inviting space so you’ll want to spend time in there.

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