Presidents’ Award

The Presidents’ Award was initiated in 1987 to recognize an Active member who has made significant contributions to the voluntary sector and whose dedication and participation best exemplify the mission statement of the Junior League of Tucson, Inc.  The award is made to a member who has maintained a good balance between in-League activity and community activities.  She must have served at least five years as an Active member and traditionally is selected among those moving from active to sustaining status.  She will not be a former President.  The recipient is selected by the four immediate past presidents of our League and her name is engraved on a perpetual plaque to hang in the League office.

1986-87   Gilda Dick
1986-87   Lynn Feulner
1987-88   Pat Escher
1987-88   Mary Ann Nichols
1988-89   Pat Green
1989-90   Eleanore “Fuzzy” Adelman
1990-91   Sheri Delfs
1991-92   Margaret (Peggy) Kusian
1992-93   Cynthia (Cynnie) Ochoa
1992-93   Patricia (Trish) Williamson
1993-94   Judith Davidson
1993-94   Debby Kennedy
1994-95   Perri Touche
1994-95   Laura Sundt Eberly
1995-96   Susan Ott
1996-97   Sally Marchalonis
1997-98   Nancy Stanley
1998-99   Kim Ferranti
2000-01   Kathleen Roberts-Stevenson
2001-02   Stacey Reko
2002-03   Liz Wilson
2004-05   Stephanie Hudson
2005-06   Michelle Alexander
2005-06   Elizabeth Naughton
2006-07   Sharon Norman
2007-08   Kelly McLaughlin
2008-09   Jeanine Bogedain
2009-10   Heylie Eigan
2010-11   Kathy Riester
2011-12   Shawna Henderson
2012-13   Veronica Robles
2013-14   Diane Ciezyk
2014-15   Colleen Bradley
2015-16   Maya Kashak
2016-17   Kimberley Hoidal