Shining Star Award

The Community Council Shining Star Award was initiated in 2005 to recognize an Active and/or New Member who has gone above and beyond in volunteering for projects during the year.

Award Winners Are:

2017-18 Leah Perry (New Member)

2016-17   Rebecca Primeau (Active)
2016-17   Terri Tellez (New Member)
2014-15   Augustina Mills  (Active)
2014-15   Julie Charters (New Member)
2013-14   Maya Kashak (Active)
2013-14   Tiffany Parry (New Member)
2011-12   Michelle Gastrock
2011-12   Ellyn Moore
2010-11   Berrett Stradford
2009-10   Kathyrn Varden
2008-09   Carrie Cline
2006-07   Sara Thomas
2006-07   Karen McKay
2005-06   Ginger Sugimoto
2005-06   Jean Popham
2005-06   Lisa Gentry
2004-05   Sarah Congdon