Bollywood Nights

Thank you to all who attended and to our incredible sponsors!
We hope to see you again next year.

DIAD: In the Garden

Recently, members of The Junior League of Tucson volunteered in support of the School Garden at Davis Elementary, a bilingual K-5 school in Tucson’s Barrio Anita. Our members spent our time at this Done in A Day event talking with parents and children, cleaning out chicken coops (!!), weeding the garden, chopping wood, and picking […]

Training – Southwest Exchange

Southwest Exchange is a conference serving to connect Junior Leagues, provide trainings, empower members and address the future of our league. In 2016 we sent representatives to Long Beach, CA to participate. [Click title to read full story.]

JLT Tapped

Enjoy beer and wine tastings, as well as music and delicious food available for purchase from local food trucks. Tickets on sale now.

The Balance Beam

Life is like a balance beam. Sometimes we try to carry too much over confident that “we’ve got this.” Other people can see all we carry and wonder why we don’t release the load to find balance. Balance requires a step back to evaluate, look ahead, look behind, and be grateful for where we stand and where we are going. [Click the article title to read more.]

Maybe it is Not About “Balance” Afterall

I’m not sure if there’s a more talked about business catch-phrase than “work-life balance”. Millennials say they demand it, HR claims the company offers it, yet most of us feel like it’s never going to happen. We read countless books and blogs about how we can re-prioritize, better manage our time, or learn to …[Click article title to read more.]

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Have you had a week where you could not get on the same page as someone? Your partner, a co-worker, a mom in your support group, your boss, your neighbor – you just could not agree and for some reason felt so frustrated you just didn’t know what to do. [Click article title to read more]

Organizing Your Office

As summer comes to a close, it’s time to get back to reality! For some of us that means getting ourselves and our kids back to school, and for others it means wrapping our heads around fall approaching and work taking off. This got me thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to get organized before I run out of time to do so? [Click article title to read more]

2015-16 Annual Report

Read our 2015-16 Annual Report to learn more about what the Junior League of Tucson, Inc. has done over the past year!

10 Things to Make Your Day Better

We’ve all had those days. Your alarm doesn’t go off, the shirt you were going to wear is dirty, traffic is worse than usual and you start dwelling on all the bad things going on. Suddenly a bad morning turns into a bad mood that just won’t go away. These 10 things are just a start to the many things you can do to feel better. [Click title to read entire post…]